How To Find An Accommodation in Singapore

Accommodations in Singapore
Your are staying in Singapore for several days, weeks or months and want to find the perfect accommodation? In this blog article we would like to give you some tips and advice what you have to keep in mind and what the best places to stay are.

Hotels or Airbnb

If you are just staying in Singapore for some days, Hotels seem to be the best choice and the city offers a huge variety of amazing hotels. The most famous one is probably the Marina Bay Sands Hotel which opened in 2010 and includes a casino, a shopping mall and has a direct connection to the Gardens By The Bay.
One of the oldest and most expensive hotels in the city is the Fullerton Hotel, a grand hotel located directly at the bay with an infinity pool on the top.

A much cheaper and often more flexible way of staying in Singapore is Airbnb. The platform offers rooms and apartments from private people who want to make some money. You can choose from a variety of offerings and get a lot of ratings, pictures and contact details before you book.

Long-Term Stays

Your are planning to stay in Singapore for some weeks or months and don´t want to spend a fortune on expensive hotels? Then you have the choice between several platforms like LMB Housing or Oversea Accommodations. These companies provide you with a huge variety of different apartments and will help you with questions around Visa or flights.